Talking Shop with Alwayz Therro Magazine

This is the first in our new series where we interview influential folks in our network. Stay tuned for more "Talking Shop" profiles. This week we talk shop with Kenn Therro.

As a successful CEO, since 2009 you have built a monthly magazine that has stylistically produced some great content. What drives this success?

What drives us is the fact that I know about the struggle it takes to succeed. We all know this struggle. You have to keep yourself motivated every single day. Most of the quotes and saying we use in the magazine personally helps all of us at the magazine.  When we produce content it's for our readers and for us as well. We like to think of Alwayz Therro as a state of mind. Never bring your personal problems into your business life. 

Recap with us some of your successes in 2015 for Alwayz Therro Magazine.

2015 was all about the hustle and consistency. We continued on our same path towards putting out quality content.  We were able to work with the talented friend of mine named Jordan Bunniie. I've seen her work grow so much over the years. Dana Hamm is a good friend as well. It's always good to see the work she produces with her company. More people have joined the team from our new Editor in Chief, a new journalist, and more photographers submitting consistent work. In 2015 we were also working on our app. We are happy to say you can now download the Alwayz Therro app for free on the Apple Store and Google Play

From showcasing some really beautiful models to keeping your ears tuned to new music, not to mention your feature stories... what do you enjoy the most about building the Alwayz Therro brand?

I love seeing people start from nothing and making something happen. We pride ourselves in catching people before they blow up or while they are just starting along their journey. The ability to see someone grow overtime is the best feeling. I love how a simple photo can change a mood at any moment in time. Every image you see released by our magazine has some thought and meaning put into it. 

Tell us more about yourself? 

I was born and raised in Houston. TX. When I was 16 I traveled to NYC for the first time and knew I was going to one day call the city my permanent home. I've lived in over 6 different states and NYC has always had the ability to keep me motivated. I'm inspired by people telling you what you can't do. Starting off so many people doubted everything about what I wanted to do. Making all those things come true keeps me driven every day. 


Cool. And speaking of driven, what's your favorite car?

Black on Black 1964 Mustang for sure! 

When it come to cars, do you prefer modern over nostalgia?

I'm old school so I love old school cars. I'm an 80's baby.. I still remember some of the cars back then. Modern is all good when you're looking for something in style at the moment. Classic cars just says something different about a man. 

Very true. So what do you want people to know about you?

I'm a simple man. I value family over everything. I think your word is all you have in this world and how you treat people will ultimately be what they remember about you. I'm all about living a quiet life and building for the future. 


How can we follow you online?

Every social scene @papitherro  

Website: Alwayz Therro