Is The Flying Car of Tomorrow Here?

Will the Jetsons flying car finally be making its arrival?

Well, if you are you ready to get behind the wheels to work on your vertical jumper, your time may be coming soon.

And personally, this is all that I want for Christmas.

Driven to fly, initial deliveries of this light sport aircraft were expected this year, with an estimated average price at a cool $279,000.

As a light sport aircraft, the pilot will be required to hold a Sport Pilot or higher certificate, which requires a minimum of 20 hours of dual instruction to obtain, as well as passing an FAA oral and practical examination.

Imagining yourself driving amidst normal street traffic from their garage to an airport where the wings deploy for take-off and flight within a range of 470 miles.

Folding wings and comprehensive aviation & automotive safety features make the Transition safe and legal both in the air and on the ground. Prototypes have been built and flown, and production is scheduled to begin after testing is completed

Unfortunately, the time when we can see a real TF-X actually take off and land could still be quite a way off. According to Terrafugia, as of July 2015, the company now has one-tenth scale model based on the new design. The shape is still in wind tunnel testing to work out important things like the transition from takeoff to forward flight. 

A plug-in-play model is slated for 2021.